Week 6

28 May 2020 I'm doing some testing on the web form, so you may see the odd strange result for efforts lasting 3599 seconds or so. don't worry, they will be removed when I'm done.

Back in business! Paying Strava Subscribers remain unaffected and efforts will be picked up automatically. Non paying Strava subscribers can take part still be filling in the webform under the "manual submissions" menu item.

Last Updated Sat 30 May 2020 12:12:05 PM BST

League Table

YCF Virtual Point Series

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Adam Hardy Team Sportslab Forrester Boyd 720120120120120120120
Carl Saint707118118118118118117
Russ Hepton697119119119119119102
gary Simpson668115113112112108108
Nige Raper661114111110110109107
Liz B VS657116115109107106104
Paul Freeman648113111110108103103
Jim McQuaid647114110107106106104
Mike Shacklock638111109106105105102
Chris Watson626109108105103101100
Adrian Keeler VSCC5881191181181171160
Steve Holmes5761171161151141140
Andy Carroll (C P Racing)46611711711611600
Amy C44511311111111000
karen taylor44011211210910700
Gavin McIntosh (YRC)342115114113000
Lee Mitchell342115114113000
stu wood2251131120000
Mark Cooke RCC11611600000
Nikolas Hanson VSCC11511500000
Paul Silcock11211200000
Tom Brabbin11011000000
James Bragg10910900000
Craig Maude10510500000
Michael C10410400000
Tom Harmer0000000
Mark Haynes0000000
Russell Brown - VSCC0000000
Nigel Radley0000000
Claire Jessop0000000
Dan Shaw - Halifax Imps0000000
Stephen Lovell. VSCC0000000
Mike Furby0000000
James O'Carroll ARCC0000000
Vicky Mathwin QQoM0000000
Sarah Perry 0000000
Dalia Hawley0000000
Duncan Thorpe0000000
Chris Timson0000000
John Buchan0000000
Helen Goldthorpe0000000
Yorkshire Cycling-Federation0000000
Steven Guymer0000000
James Heron0000000
Mark Beecher0000000
Howard King LBT & VSCC0000000
Mark Sayner Team Sportslab ForresterBoyd Repair2Ride0000000
James Williams0000000
Jules Towse VSCC0000000
Jonathan Hobbs0000000
Rachael Mellor0000000
kevin sayles0000000
Adam Duggleby0000000
Grant Bulmer0000000
David O'Halloran0000000
Sam Davies0000000
Neil Timms 0000000
Danny Sampson0000000