Frequently Asked Questions

1. My efforts is not showing in the VS3L/Grimpeur/YCF table on this site.

a) The data collection is not instant, wait a couple of hours and see if it comes up later. If the effort is in your strava feed, then it will be picked up in good time

b) Did you authorise the Data collection APP? Its not enough just to record the effort in Strava, you must enable me to be able to collect your data so that it can be used in the tables. See "Join In" pages

c) Is your activity set to privacy level "everyone"? Check this by going into edit mode of you activity (click that pencil icon on the left) look for privacy controls and check which one you have. Only the "everyone" setting will work. You need only set this on a per activity basis and leave you default settings alone.

Authorise the Strava App to collect your data
VSCC Authenticate here
YCF Authenticate here

2. My Ride is not showing up on Strava.

In Strava, some segments are hidden, you need to unhide them to see them. Go to activity/segments/unhide

3. The segment is not showing in Strava even though I tried unhiding all segments already.

Are you sure you did the segment fully? no deviations, not in reverse, correct road? If none of those it could be due to GPS tracking inaccuracy. Set GPS watch/computer to track every 1 second from now on to avoid the issue. Note that this increases battery use, so not great for long rides. some watches/phones track every 30 seconds and this is enough for Strava to consider that you didn't do the segment.

4. My time is really slow because it included my stoppage time at the beginnning and/or end of the segment

Make sure to ride through the segments to avoid GPS tracking inaccuracies.
Tip: Start 100 yards before where you think the segments starts from and ride 100 yards past the end of the segment.

5. The tables do not show my picture from Strava but a logo instead.

If you have used a facebook photo as your Strava photo then I am blocked from collecting the image by Facebook (due to GDPR), and so I simply replace it with a logo so that it looks a bit nicer than just a blank space.

6. What are all these extra divisons?

I use a single app to create the leagues for a few different challenges. Some challenges have divisions with promotion and relegation, while other challenges have a scoring system based on the Strava KoM or QoM times. At some point I intend to filter out the divsions that are not relevant to a particular challenge.

7. What is 'KOM score' and 'QoM score'?

For some of the challenges, the rider score is based as a percentage of the fastest time on the Strava leaderboard. In the case ofmen and also for leagues that include everyone we use the KOM times. In leagues where we want to more directly compare men and women, the women are measured against the QoM time. QoM time is only used by athletes who have identified themselves as female in Strava. Any athletes who choose not to select a gender will be scored against the KOM time since that is the faster of the two times in 99% of cases. In the case a men specific table, anyone who hasn't specified gender will not be included in that either. the full table that includes all athletes regardless of gender is actually the komscore divison.

8. What is the handicap score?

This is a multiplication factor based on the difference between the top male and female times (10M cycling time trials). Currently this is set to 12% and so women are given a 12% handicap on their times in order to make a comparison using that factor. 12% appears to be a good figure across many sports and distances. It is different to scoring against the QoM time and you will see the difference if comparing the two scores.