VS3L is currently on hold until British Cycling lift restrictions on outside club activity. The data shown is from the completed season1 2020. Season2 is unlikely to get underway. Maybe season 3 will happen still.
Last Updated 04-02-2020-05:41:53 PM GMT

League Table


Top 3 will be promoted bottom 3 will be relegated

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Tim Milner VSCC10010101010101010101010100
Martin Clark. VSCC/RR81109998887760
Kat Handy758888887776650
Martin Giles VSCC729999997740
Joel Stead VSCC3198860
Finn Coll VSCC18990
Ged Coll VSCC16880
Shaun Heys VSCC13760
Tom Venning00
Chris Johnson00
Dave Morley HTC/VSCC00