Here is what you have to do to join in

1. Firstly you must be a member of VSCC

2. Then you must join the VSCC Strava group. The group is moderated by a few club members and your request will need to be accepted before you can proceed.
VSCC Members Strava Page

3. Optionally: You may join the TT Facebook group
VSCC Time Trialling Facebook page

4. Now authorise the VSCC Strava App to collect your data
Click on the 'Connect to Strava' button within the link below and wait a few seconds for the actions to complete.
Authenticate here

Strava Premium (paying) Users:
Assuming the authorisation is successful, then please wait 5 minutes for historical updates to be collected and displayed.

Strava Basic (non-paying) Users:
Even if authorisation is successful, historical efforts cannot be collected automatically. In order to collect efforts from earlier activities please edit the activity of interest by updating the title and adding '#grimpeur' i.e. 'Evening Ride' becomes 'Evening Ride #grimpeur'. This should then pick up the segment efforts in that activity. Please wait up to 5 minutes for the tables to be updated. Repeat this exercise for all historical activities that you wish to be included in the challenge.

5. Ride the segments and log your efforts on Strava.
Make sure to ride through the segments to avoid GPS tracking inaccuracies.
Tip: Start 100 yards before where you think the segment starts from and ride 100 yards past the end of the segment.

6. Results are automatically updated on
It should within 2 minutes for the tables to update
If your results are not showing then please ensure you followed all the steps above including to join the VSCC Strava Group.